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New tab page with bookmarks for Chrome, Edge and Firefox*

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Tired of using slow new tab pages based on external services? NelliTab is not a self configured "Speed Dial", this extension just shows in the new tab page your bookmarks, top sites, history and downloads by showing cached icons offered by sites you visit, nice, customizable, fast and with no privacy concerns.

  • Shows web apps (Chrome only), bookmarks, top sites, history and downloads
  • Uses icons offered by sites you visit with no external services
  • Caches icons in local storage for fast loading of new tab page and offline use
  • Managing bookmarks with drag'n drop support and deleting of history entries
  • Grouping history items by domain or hostname in folders
  • Upload your own icons and wallpaper
  • Light, dark and custom themes by defining own colors
  • Lot of other customizations such as icon size, border radius etc.
  • Experimental support for backdrop filters
  • Does not collect or transmit any personally identifiable information about you
  • Fully supported languages are English and German
  • Contains other languages provided by the community but they are uncompleted and unsupported

Note:  There are lot of websites not having "Touch" icons. The first char of domain will be shown instead.

Special Thanks

Vincent Krafting <>, Sergey Nazarov, Vladimir, CloudDog and !